Not just a one-trick pony

So far I have been having the most success from my animal paintings and pet portraits, but when a good friend asked if I could paint her favourite flower I was happy to oblige!


A close up of my friend’s cornflower

I’ll be totally honest and say I’ve turned down requests for portrails of people. I don’t want to be responsible for your little darling looking like something out of ‘Mars Attacks!’.

If you don’t like pets but love petunias, just ask!




Busman’s holiday

I’ve been a very bad girl the past few days; knowing full well I had four dog portraits on order, I sat down, moved my list to one side and went into the deep.

I love the ocean and all its jiggly, blubbery, floaty creatures, so I painted a jellyfish. Then a narwhal. Then another jellyfish….


Portuguese man o’war available for sale on my Etsy page

Really if that’s the naughtiest thing I do I’m not doing too badly, and I’ve only got one dog portait left to do now before I’ve finished all my orders!


Narwhal, £20 on Etsy

I need more! You know your friend would love a painting of a llama, or your granny her budgerigar. Time is running out to get them delivered by Christmas!           ☟☟☟☟☟☟☟☟☟☟☟☟☟☟☟☟☟


If you don’t ask, you don’t get!

I’ve just done a commissioned painting of two Schnauzer dogs for a Christmas present, and the gorgeous lady who ordered it liked it so much she asked if I could also get some cards printed so that the whole family could have some. She even started asking about the possibility of printing onto fabric so that she could get them on cushions! Definitely something to look into in the future.

The point is, even if it’s not listed, drop me a message and if I can I will!


Below are the original paintings. Above is how the catds will look. I was asked to have the dogs facing eachother on the cards. I remove the background for a clearer printed image, convert to a JPEG and sent the order!

Below is the link should you want to order your own pet portrait, or even just a painting of your favourite animal, be it a cat or a capybara!

I’ve been framed!

I love my little whale so much I thought he deserved a bit more than a card backed envelope, so I thought I’d have a go at listing him with frame included.

I think he looks quite posh, but as he’s listed at £15 plus postage, he’s a bit of a pretender really.

I’ve not added a frame to all the listings yet, but if you see one you’d prefer to have delivered as a present ready to go, just drop me a message and ask!


Commissions for Christmas

I’m really happy to say I’ve had four people take me up on the offer of a painting to order so far.

All of them are destined to be Christmas presents for loved ones, including one memorial piece for a beloved pet who’s no longer around. 😓

I’m currently charging £20 for an original painting, so if you’re stuck for a gift for someone who just loves their pooch, send me a message!

Commissions welcome!

I’ve had a fab few days taking my first few orders for cards and prints, we’ve covered beasties from the land, air and sea, as well as a few mystical creatures too!


I’ve also been taking requests for commissions so to make that easier I’ve added a listing on my Etsy page to deal with those requests


Come and see my shop, I’d love a visit!


VERY Lazy Mrs B!

Hi friends!  You may (or may not) have noticed that I’ve not blogged in a really long time.

The main reason is that my cooking/baking hobby wasn’t exactly waistline friendly! It was making me very fat and very poor!

In addition to this, as the baby has grown and napped less, I’ve had less time to really get stuck in.

I’ve moved on to another hobby (so fickle, I know) and have taken up watercolour painting again. I’m working on producing cards and prints and selling them on Etsy.

In the next few days I hope to have some items listed under my shop named ‘The Water Bee’.

I doubt I’ll ever make my millions from it, but if I could make some money from it, then 10 years down the line I can finally validate my art A-Levels/degree! 😅

So thanks for reading, come see my paintings if you have a minute.


Thumbprint cookies

We had no desserts or treats in the house, and I had an hour before my mum was due to pick us up. I was going for a run whilst she wheeled the baby around the park, so yes, I baked these in my running gear. If I didn’t eat cookies maybe I wouldn’t need to go running I know, I know…

I had a peek at what baking ingredients I had laying about and decided I could manage a batch of cookies. I’m more of a cake gal, and haven’t made cookies for years, so I headed to Google for a recipe.

I was a good girl and followed the recipe, I even left the food mixer in the cupboard this time!

I rolled out 24 batter balls, all lovely and sugary them jammed a thumbprint in. For a bit of variety I used lemon curd, raspberry jam, cherry jam for hubby and choc hazelnut spread for me.

I put them in the oven and they needed about the same baking time as the time it takes to feed the baby, so off we went to do that.

My baking trays are different sizes. My gas oven is old.

The top shelf ones were baked perfectly but ended up square because they were too close together. The lower shelf ones were round. They were also burnt. Had I only switched the trays around at least half the batch might have been perfect!  But never mind. They tasted pretty good. Hubby was a bit fussy about the, erm, ‘browned’ ones but I’m a sugar bin so carried on eating them regardless.

                      It’s hip to be square 


Who doesn’t want a round, brown bottom?

You could basically use whatever filling you want; jams, nut butters, a square of chocolate, a hershey’s kiss, add sprinkles….. Just don’t over bake and everyone’s a winner!

Chicken and bacon pie

I only made a bloody pie!

Okay, I used store bought pastry, but I floured the countertop and rolled it out, so I’m taking it. Lazy girl tip for next time: roll a few dried herbs such as thyme into the pastry and let someone try telling you you didn’t make it yourself!

I used this recipe as a guide:

I pre-cooked two chicken breasts, used carrots and peas instead of leeks and mushrooms because I’m a big baby and am fussy about my vegetables. I used shortcrust pastry because I much prefer it. Ooh, and I used half milk, half cream. Partly to use up some cream I had left over and partly because I’m a glut. 😊





Using one of my watercolour brushes to top with milk. Adaptability at its best! 


Look how fancy pants I am with my decorations! The old fork trick round the outside to seal, and a few leaves to make it look as though I know what I’m doing.


Not too shabby if I do say so myself! Mine needed a longer cooking time thanks to the great and wizened age of my oven.


A nice hearty pie served on granny plates, comfort food at its best! I made this ready for dinner on a Friday but we didn’t end up having it until the Monday. It sat all made up in the fridge wrapped in cling film and I was a bit worried that it would affect the outcome but it came out of the oven just right!