Thumbprint cookies

We had no desserts or treats in the house, and I had an hour before my mum was due to pick us up. I was going for a run whilst she wheeled the baby around the park, so yes, I baked these in my running gear. If I didn’t eat cookies maybe I wouldn’t need to go running I know, I know…

I had a peek at what baking ingredients I had laying about and decided I could manage a batch of cookies. I’m more of a cake gal, and haven’t made cookies for years, so I headed to Google for a recipe.

I was a good girl and followed the recipe, I even left the food mixer in the cupboard this time!

I rolled out 24 batter balls, all lovely and sugary them jammed a thumbprint in. For a bit of variety I used lemon curd, raspberry jam, cherry jam for hubby and choc hazelnut spread for me.

I put them in the oven and they needed about the same baking time as the time it takes to feed the baby, so off we went to do that.

My baking trays are different sizes. My gas oven is old.

The top shelf ones were baked perfectly but ended up square because they were too close together. The lower shelf ones were round. They were also burnt. Had I only switched the trays around at least half the batch might have been perfect!  But never mind. They tasted pretty good. Hubby was a bit fussy about the, erm, ‘browned’ ones but I’m a sugar bin so carried on eating them regardless.

                      It’s hip to be square 


Who doesn’t want a round, brown bottom?

You could basically use whatever filling you want; jams, nut butters, a square of chocolate, a hershey’s kiss, add sprinkles….. Just don’t over bake and everyone’s a winner!


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