Chicken and bacon pie

I only made a bloody pie!

Okay, I used store bought pastry, but I floured the countertop and rolled it out, so I’m taking it. Lazy girl tip for next time: roll a few dried herbs such as thyme into the pastry and let someone try telling you you didn’t make it yourself!

I used this recipe as a guide:

I pre-cooked two chicken breasts, used carrots and peas instead of leeks and mushrooms because I’m a big baby and am fussy about my vegetables. I used shortcrust pastry because I much prefer it. Ooh, and I used half milk, half cream. Partly to use up some cream I had left over and partly because I’m a glut. 😊





Using one of my watercolour brushes to top with milk. Adaptability at its best! 


Look how fancy pants I am with my decorations! The old fork trick round the outside to seal, and a few leaves to make it look as though I know what I’m doing.


Not too shabby if I do say so myself! Mine needed a longer cooking time thanks to the great and wizened age of my oven.


A nice hearty pie served on granny plates, comfort food at its best! I made this ready for dinner on a Friday but we didn’t end up having it until the Monday. It sat all made up in the fridge wrapped in cling film and I was a bit worried that it would affect the outcome but it came out of the oven just right!


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