Custard cream cheesecake

It was hubby’s birthday the weekend just gone, and instead of a traditional cake I decided to make a cheesecake based on his favourite biscuit!

I used the recipe by ‘Proper Tasty’ that had been doing the rounds on facebook and it was honestly so quick and easy that before I knew it, it was made and I’d not taken any progress pictures!



I bought the cheapo non branded version of everything and it made no difference except on the price. (I bought an extra packet of biscuits. It’s important to know yourself. I knew we’d want to eat a pack)


Make healthy choices kids! Using the protein shake bottle to measure out whipping cream

For once in my life I followed the directions exactly. Here’s a pic of it all smoothed out and ready to set in the fridge:


I cut biscuits in half using a sharp knife and decorated the top, crumbling dome in the middle too.



Happy Birthday hubby!



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