Cinnamon sugar mug cake

Me to sugar: ‘I don’t know how to quit you!’

I’m positive if I could my weight and skin complaints would all but disappear. But so would my soul.

I wanted to make a mug cake but *shock*, not a chocolate one. Maybe it was the rain, but I really fancied something hot and cinnamony (real word 😉).

I had a little Google and up popped a recipe for a ‘snickerdoodle’ mug cake. I like to think I’m pretty well versed in sweet treats from across the pond, but to my mind a ‘snickers’ is the nutty nougat chocolate bar so I was surprised when I saw there wasn’t a peanut in sight!

Snickers vs. Snickerdoodle

So, I took this recipe… …and I lazified it.

The very clever and patient author mixed cinnamon sugar separately and layered it with the cake batter. I whacked it all in and just sprinkled some extra sugar and ground cinnamon on top. It was very tasty! I sprinkled a few dark chocolate chips on top because I can’t keep away from the stuff! This would taste fab with some vanilla icing drizzled over.

I always use a huge mug, so I never have those luscious, overflowing shots. Then again I never have to clean up overspill in the microwave. I’m happy with that compromise.



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