Mini cheese and lentil pie

I didn’t set out to make this specifically, this recipe is all about leftovers!

Yesterday I cooked up a batch of red lentils, (dry lentils in pot with stock cube. Cover with water and bring to boil, then simmer until soft. I stirred in a carton of chopped tomatoes with onion and garlic, plus a pinch of salt, pepper, mild chilli and 1 tsp of mild tandoori powder) making enough for last nights dinner plus lunch for today.

I also happened to have a smidge of shortcrust pastry (shop bought, obvs) leftover from making hubby’s homecoming dinner ready for tonight. He’s had a busy two weeks away and we’ve missed him, so something other than my usual one-pot wonder pasta dishes is in order.

It was just enough to line and top a cutie little ramekin that I was pretty sure was oven safe! Only one way to find out! (It was)

I half filled it with the lentils, popped in some cheddar and finished with more lentils. I used a fork to seal the pastry and also look all fancy and brushed it with a bit of milk. Into the oven at 200° until golden, or in my case, golden and the lid pops off!


Yes the pastry is thick. No I am not sorry.

I made and absolute dogs dinner of getting it out of the ramekin, I ended up having to reconstruct it for the photo!

It was a very tasty little lunch. Yummy, warming and not too big. Only because had it been bigger I’d have eaten the lot and been rolling around the house all day.

Buy pre made pastry and make pies! It’s actually super lazy but looks kind of impressive!


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