Jaffa cupcakes

Hubby was working away all last week and during that time I forgot how to cook proper meals as I couldn’t be bothered to do real dinners only for myself. As a result I served him a very questionable dinner but luckily I hadn’t forgotten how to bake so I distracted him with Bake Off inspired cupcakes.

I used an easy cupcake recipe from http://www.annabelkarmel.com



Whilst they were cooling, I made up a sachet of orange jelly and put in the fridge to part set. I cored my cupcakes and trimmed the ‘plug’ to leave a nice little hole in the middle.


Once the jelly had begun to set but was still loose enough to pour, I filled each cupcake with a few teaspoonfuls and replaced to top. I popped them all in the fridge to allow the jelly to finish setting.


I broke up a 150g bar of plain chocolate and melted it in a glass bowl over a saucepan of simmering water. I spooned the melted chocolate over the middle of each cake and smoothed it towards the edges. Once it had cooled a bit I ran a fork over the tops to give the cross hatch effect.


I really wanted some jelly orange slices for decoration but could not find them anywhere so I ended up buying a whole bag of Sainsbury fruit jelly sweets. Naturally the packet I chose had only 3 of the orange slices and about a million nasty ass lime ones, so the chosen few cakes got decorations.

These little cakes are easy, very tasty and very *moist* thanks to the jelly. You could do any flavour jelly you like, or choose a different chocolate topping.

If I wanted to make a Jaffa closer to how the Bake Off contestants did it I’d have used half the amount of batter in wach case to make a smaller cake (bonus, 24 cakes instead of 12!), and fully set the jelly in a shallow dish so that I could cut out thin discs to lay on top of the cake. Make sure the chocolate is cooled before covering the tops otherwise it will melt the jelly!


3 thoughts on “Jaffa cupcakes

  1. mrswallscooks says:

    I think these sound really great, especially because, as you say, the jelly adds more moisture – I can’t stand a dry cake…..

    Couldn’t believe that some of the GBBO contestants didn’t know what a jaffa looked like though!?

    Liked by 1 person

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