Baby Burrito *does not contain real babies πŸ˜‰

I had some leftover ingredients from my yummy pizzaburger experiment, plus some pre cooked brown rice I made when I thought I was going to go on a mega diet for the week (Ha! Sob).

I cooked off the remainder of the beef mince and popped some of the rice in a wok with some olive oil to warm through and added chopped tomatoes, paprika, garlic, salt n pepper etc. I split the missing between two wraps and added grated cheese because of course I would plus some watercress because then it’s basically healthy!


My rolling skills have never been great, I usually end up with a handful of wrap and a lapful of filling, but I did pretty well this time. You could fancy it up with bell peppers and dips or you could be lazy like me and have an easy tasty dinner!


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