Coconut custard cake

Now that I’ve started a food blog, sitting on my arse watching Great British Bake Off counts as work, right?! I have to watch it on catch up as hubby’s not into it, unless they do a zombie or superhero episode, I’ve got no chance of getting him to watch it.

I’m still on a little coconut flour mission, you need so little in each recipe that a small box lasts for ages!

I stole this recipe from

I used vegetable oil because I couldn’t be arsed to dirty a pan melting the coconut oil, and I used carob syrup as the sweetner because the honey has gone solid and again, couldn’t be arsed to wrestle with it. Oh, and I didn’t put in any choc chips because I didn’t have any.

The recipe claims it’s ‘just’ sweet enough,  which we all know won’t be sweet enough for my liking. So once the cake had cooled I spread raspberry jam on top and sprinkled with a little more shredded coconut.


I did have to deal with a jiggly middle again so I left it in the oven a little longer. A soggy bottom is the greatest of GBBO crimes, but I know I’d rather a burnt bottom than a wobbly middle! It does firm up a bit more once cooled.



To serve I plopped on some raspberry frosting made from cream cheese, butter, icing sugar and raspberries whipped together. It’s been in the fridge for ages but hubby and I are made from pretty tough stuff, plus I sniffed it first and it was fine 😉



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