Chococo mug cake

So, I went out Friday night and had muchos beers followed by the obligatory pizza (pepperoni,  OBVS) but before that I was actually doing pretty well being good.

I’d avoided potatoes, pasta, rice and bread for the week but I really wanted something cakey. Boosted by the success of the coconut flour banana bread I searched for a mug cake using coconut instead of regular flour. I picked one from

Because I’m lazy, I screenshotted the recipe and directions :




I had unsweetened soya milk so subbed that for the almond, and also used a whole egg because I didn’t want to waste the yolk. I ended up having to give it an extra 30 seconds in the microwave, probably because of the yolk.


It honestly was ok! I’ve identified the cakes as being ‘jiggly’. If you’re not worried about being that good and just want to avoid the flour, sugar instead of maple would obviously be tastier. I’m not saying it was the cake, and i’m not saying it wasn’t,  but i’m not a very gassy person and there was some definite popping going on that afternoon. TMI, I know, but sharing is caring!


Just in case anyone’s worried I’ve been kidnapped and this ‘healthy’ cake is a cry for help, I topped it with my last spoonful of Reeses peanut butter, a dollop of Nutella and some crunchy chocolate sprinkles. It’s still me!


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