Damn Son!

We’ve got a couple of Damson trees in our garden but for the last few years I’ve been guilty of letting the fruit go to waste, partly because I’m lazy and partly because I had no idea what to do with them.


More into pot banging than helping to pick fruit! 


They’re pretty tart if you were to just take a bite, so they are much better cooked or processed in some way. My mum took a few tubfuls home to make jam but I decided to stew some for the baby. Free and healthy! Win!

I gave them a quick rinse and cut a cross on one side of each damson. I put them cross side down in a saucepan and just covered in water. I brought it to the boil then simmered until they were soft. The cross cut means the skins peel back and come right off. Lazy tip!


I strained off the water and fished out the skins and stones. I did add a wee pinch of sugar to take the edge off. I don’t want the poor baby’s face to turn inside out from the tartness! I mixed a bit with his porridge for breakfast and it went down very well!



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