Hangover Helper

So I went ‘out out’ with my friends on Saturday night for the first time in ages. We started at our local by the train station, and travelled into Bath on the train with a Budweiser each in hand (twist top, well done Kerry!)

We met at Pulp, the cocktail bar downstairs at Las Iguanas and had delicious two-for-one cocktails and tapas. I’m sorry I didn’t take pictures, there were too many witnesses! I had lamb empanadas, chicken quesadilla and calamari with a Dark ‘n Stormy and a Mango Collins which was so good!

We stopped at a few more bars before training it home and having a mini tour around Trowbridge followed by a takeaway before bed. A teeny place called Syriana is the new favourite of my friends. I had some sort of cheesy chorizo baguette thing that was basically a pizza sandwich. Can’t go wrong with that!

I’ve been a lot worse, but I was marginally hung over. Hubby actually cooked dinner, based on my original hangover food creation. Curly fries topped with pork mince cooked in a chopped tomato and chilli sauce with a bit of whatever spices you fancy. Mine is crowned with cheese. ALWAYS. Often I do it with peas and gravy, sort of a poor gal’s poutine. So good. You’re welcome.




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