Home from holidays!

I’ve been SO lazy! We actually got home quite a few days ago but I couldn’t be arsed to get to writing anything.

Cornwall was lovely, the perfect weather for baby to have his first trip to the beach.

Sadly the weather had other plans on our final day when we had planned to have lunch at The Pandora Inn, everyone sat out on the pontoon raced inside when the rain came and there wasn’t room to swing a cat let alone squeeze in and have lunch. We were frequent visitors to the pontoon for a beer or two, plus some neck craning to spy on everyone else’s dinner


Life’s changed a bit, but not too much

We did manage a bacon roll from the outdoor breakfast bbq they set up to welcome the ‘Inn to Inn’ swimmers from the chilly morning water. Watching them finish a 2.7km swim was exhausting! Sometimes the simplest things are the best-yummy thick bacon on a sweet yellow brioche bun. YOM. Imagine how good their burgers are! I held mine out to the baby tohave a bite of the bun and he jammed his entire fist into the roll….

We love St Ives but so does everyone else, so we decided to try a different town. Porthleven has the hills, the harbour, a gorgeous line of beaches, pasties, ice creams and amazing old houses with a fraction of the number of tourists! Hubby bought the pasties whilst I saved a seat on a cute bench right on the harbour. They. Were. HUGE. Neither of us finished ours!


We hit Swanpool Beach and once the pasties had settled it was time for ice cream. OH lordy. I thought I’d had clotted cream ice cream before but it was clearly a cheap imitation. Callestick Farm ice cream is the real deal. It was really good vanilla ice cream with actual chunks and swirls of clotted cream. Mine had Cadbury’s caramel buttons stuck all over and hubby had snowies/jazzies. The baby squealed and cried when I dipped his toes in the sea because it was too cold but he seemed perfectly happy having little tastes of my ice cream.  Funny that!


A different kind of cold apparently!


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