Restaurant review : Smokeys American Grill, Trowbridge

I swear I need a global potato blight in order for me to keep away from carbs. I cannot help myself. I was actually doing OK on the diet and had lost 4lb in just over a week. Yesterday hubby took the baby out for a few hours and I ran around the house like a nutcase; shake ‘n vac, laundry, holiday packing, you name it. Baby is gorgeous but is very demanding and doesn’t allow me much time for this kind of thing, so I had lots to do. Pair this with his 4.30 – 5.00am wake ups this week and by the time they got home I was sweaty, stinky and in no mood to cook.

So when hubby suggested ordering in, I didn’t put up too much of a fight.

When this place first opened just around the corner from our house we tried it and honestly weren’t blown away, but since then it does seem to get better every time!

Once again, I started off with good intentions, ordering a grilled chicken burger with all manner of delicious toppings, thinking I could leave the bun and it wouldn’t be so naughty. Ha! If only I had known they were going to use gorgeously soft brioche-like buns. The type that absorb the juices and you can squash your burger down flatter in order to fit it in your face easier. My burger had grilled chicken breast, bacon, chorizo and blue cheese. It turns out I don’t like blue cheese as much as I thought, but never fear! They’d snuck on a good ol’ American slice too. Happy days.

And the wedges. Ohhhhh my. Why did I order them why don’t I ever learn? They tasted like they’d been cooking all day, but in a good way. Each wedge was like a two-bite baked Potato, super soft on the inside with the scrummiest dark skin all over. I wasn’t able to finish them, and I left some of the bun, so I’m sure it still counts as low carb…right?


Ohhhhh yeah… My Special Chicken Burger and those wedges

Hubby went for a veggie’s worst nightmare, the 5 Meats burger, which was a choice between a wild boar or lamb and mint patty (‘better have lamb and mint, I am Welsh after all’) with bacon, pork, beef and chicken goujons. He added onions because he’s gross, plus a side of onion rings. His superpower is converting the mildest of onions into the absolute worst onion breath imaginable. It’s like the devil himself is huffing on you. He demolished his.


Juicy meaty goodness…and onions

Our order came to £20 exactly and I patted myself on the back for not ordering the mac ‘n cheese. Iron willed, me.


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