‘Cheesecake’ pancakes

I’m still doing my best at this low-carb thing, (not that I can see any improvement) and I went to the cupboard to get my morning Atkins bar only to find I’d eaten the last one yesterday! I’ve ordered more in different flavours online but they were waiting on stock so my supplies have yet to arrive.

I can’t deal with eating eggs all day long so I thought I’d improvise and googled low carb pancakes. I found a recipe that claimed it would taste like a breakfast cheesecake, with slightly less net carbs than my usual bar and thought wahey! Problem solved!


All you have to do is put 2 oz cream cheese in a blender with 2 eggs, 1 tsp of sweetner and 1/2 tsp of cinnamon,  mix, and pour into a hot pan. So simple!

God why do I believe these lies? I made a mess with the first two and basically scrambled them, but the third came out ok. They tasted like I had accidentally put cinnamon into my omelette mixture instead of pepper. They tasted like disappointment. Perhaps they would taste like cheesecake if they were topped with cream cheese, sugar, crumbled biscuit and jam, but I am allowed none of these things. (A great idea though for when I get over myself and go back to eating nice food )


Cinnamon scrambled eggs…

I grovelled back to the jar of Prutella I’d previously slated and hidden in the cupboard (being a hoarder and not throwing anything away has it’s perks) and mixed 1 tsp of it with a splash of cream and microwaved it for about 20 seconds.

This marginally improved things,  but not enough to say I’d actually enjoyed it. In fairness, it was very filling and has kept me full up until lunchtime and I’ll probably make it again, because it’s easy and I never learn. This diet had better work goddamnit.


Looks alright doesn’t it? Life lesson; Looks can be deceiving.


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