Restaurant review -The Garden Trowbridge

You may not know my small town, but I’m sure you know small town. Trowbridge, Wiltshire is growing by the day but is still a little place at heart.

So when a new food/drink establishment opens, gird your loins and await the stampede!

The Garden recently opened in Trowbridge after their Chippenham location sadly suffered a fire and it seems the people here were glad to welcome it! I suggested to my friends we should book, which was a good move as every table was taken when we arrived, with a few cocktail drinkers propping up the bar. In spite of this, it felt very relaxed and we loved the decor! My friend spent the evening trying to figure out how to fit the pergola in her handbag-complete with fairy lights of course!

I tried to take pictures as subtly as possible because I’very always made fun of people who photograph all of their meals and was fully aware of my own hypocrisy.

As you may know, I recently started an emergency Atkins week, so I’d already googled the lowest carb alcohol and planned to have a steak and salad etc etc.

Needless to say before my butt had even hit the seat I’d spotted a Chicken Caesar Burger and a Chocolate Brownie and knew I was doomed as I have the willpower of a hungry toddler left alone with an open cookie jar.


My caesar burger and chips

I added bacon (of course) and it was really good. Soft bun, grilled chicken and all the best bits from a caesar salad on top. My triple cooked chips sadly looked decidedly single cooked, but of course I ate them all anyway.


The Garden burger and sweet potato fries

The other girls all chose sweet potato fries and they were thrilled. These clay flower pots full of enormous wedges came out and were very much enjoyed!  I wish I liked sweet potato but I think it belongs in a dessert. Too sweet for dinner. The Garden use a local butchers and the girls’ burgers and hot dogs went down very well indeed.


Hot dog with cheese and onions plus sweet potato wedges

When faced with a dessert menu I never look any further than the most chocolatey option. I got a lovely crispy end piece of dense gooey brownie topped with chocolate sauce and vanilla ice cream. I meant to offer a taste to my friends but it was gone before I knew what I’d done! The others chose Eton mess which looked fab and they also left clean plates.


That beautiful brownie


A saucy little Eton Mess

I had two Rum and Diet Cokes and two courses and paid about  £22 (before tips) and walked home satisfied and not grossly full. We’ll be visiting again for sure!





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