Be still my blubbering hips

Today is day 3 of an attempt at a diet,  and I’ve still not touched the banana cake. Go me!

I haven’t been eating too badly considering,  an Atkins advantage bar in the morning with tea (cream not milk-takes some getting used to! ) and an Atkins chocolatey bar thingy with tea after dinner.

Here’s what I’ve had for lunches…



This is as attractive as I could make it look….

One solitary slice of Rye bread (rank) with mayo and mustard, ham and ‘fake’ cheese slices. It was actually quite filling as long as you’re happy to eat a mustard slathered doormat. A can of Diet Coke helped it go down.

Dinner was good, although sadly lacking potatoes. A pork shoulder steak with various herbs chucked at it and some cheesy cauliflower and broccoli. I just threw some cooked florets into some butter and a bit of cream, with some grated cheese. Of course it would have been better with the yummy cheese sauce from my earlier blog post, but as I’m at risk of popping if I don’t lose some weight, I can do without it for a few days I think!




Not the worst thing I’ve ever seen!

I’m going out for dinner tonight so let’s see if I can control myself even a little bit  (I’ve already googled lowest carb alcoholic drinks so….)


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