Jamaican Pork Chop, Rice an’ Peas

I am terrible at cooking rice. One of the world’s most basic staples, many people can cook it to perfection in an old pot over a fire and yet I manage only mounds of gluey mush or almost burnt bullets. For a while now I have happily relied on the pre cooked microwave packets. All different flavours, portion controlled and ready in 2 minutes.

Then I watched an episode from the latest series of Eat Well For Less where they highlighted the cost difference between a packet of uncooked and one pouch of the micro rice. Of course I knew it was more expensive, but wowzer, not that much!

So I decided to do a version of rice and peas with pork based on what I had in the cupboard. 20160716_140040-1.jpg

I followed instructions! Twice the amount of liquid  (water and coconut milk) to the amount of rice, simmer til absorbed and fluff with fork. I added the dried herbs and spices to the liquid early on.


The all purpose seasoning went on the pork and I cooked it 3 minutes on each side on a ridged griddle pan so as it got the fancy pants grill marks. The pork tasted pretty good, the rice was meh. It was cooked right, but I think reduced fat coconut milk was an error. Let’s face it, low fat never tastes as good. I will persevere with my rice cooking, but I doubt I’ll ever be a pro!



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