Pork, beans and Sexy Bread

I slacked off yesterday! I didn’t post because I was busy getting a tattoo. A half sleeve. I’m mega cool now. I was sat in the chair for about 4 hours so I suppose I could have posted wHilston I was there but I was busy trying to look like a hardass pretending it didn’t hurt.

So, the other night I made pork and beans. I used the following :


I cubed the pork (by which I mean hacked to bits with a marginally sharp knife) and browned it in a pan, then chucked it in the slow cooker with the chopped toms and drained beans. Salt ‘n’ Peppa.

I dissolved the stock cube with the tomato paste and about 1/2 tsp each of the herbs. I poured that in too and left it on low all day. Later I also cheated and added a few drops of old fashioned gravy browning to add some colour.


I suppose to serve this properly there should be some cornbread. But I wasn’t about to make some, and our humble local ASDAs selection of ‘world foods’ doesn’t quite stretch that far.

I substituted it for ‘sexy bread’ which is my definition of anything that isn’t your regular sliced sandwich bread. I got olive bread this time. It was pretty good!


My arm hurts. It feels like a bad sunburn with an after-gym muscle ache. Happy belly though!



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