She made a SALAD!?

In case anyone’s missed it, the past few days here in the UK it has been hawt. I know other countries laugh at what we call hot, but for us 30°C is major deals ok?

And that friends, is pretty much the only thing that will get me to eat a salad. They can be nice,  but such a faff to eat. Chasing little bits of lettuce etc around the plate trying to spear it with a fork is more of a sport than a meal, and I don’t do sports.

So I cooked off some turkey breast strips in the bacon pan, which makes everything yummy and let them cool before sticking them in the fridge for later. One bag of pre-washed, fine cut salad (peak laziness I know) and a can of drained butter beans plus my old faithful honey mustard dressing and we’re there! Maybe one day I’ll learn to make a different dressing,  but not today.

I gave hubby a massive plate of it and just had a wee one myself. Not because i’m being good, I’d had a burger at mum’s a couple of hours before tee hee.


It wasn’t bad really. The butter beans and turkey mean you’re not going to starve to death and the dressing makes the vegetation taste of something.  We chased it down with lovely shop bought yumyums. Ha.


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