An Ode to the Potato

The humble potato is often used as a metaphor or simile to that which is lazy or unattractive;  couch potato,  looking like a sack of spuds, or simply straight up looking like a potato.

How unfair! Just think of how versatile they are! Beautiful buttery, pillowy mash. Crispy hash browns. Gnocchi. Gratin. Hassleback potatoes. Curly fries. Roasties. The humble baked potato. Hell, on Great British Menu Michael O’Hare even made it into a custard! The list goes on and on.

Happy to play an accompanying role but perfectly capable of stealing the show, being a warm hug in the winter or a cool salad in the summer, it’s stodgy, dumpy stereotype really is outdated.

So you know what? Be a potato. Own it. Be that dependable, versatile friend. Maybe on the outside you may be unremarkable, but oh my the things you can do!


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