Freakshakes – A Beautiful Disaster

I’d love to say I’d planned to do these to coincide with National Ice Cream Day but I’m not that organised! I’ve seen all of these shakes online and, limping along behind the bandwagon I thought I’d give it a whirl.

I made mini ones because neither of us want to give ourselves diabetes. As well as being anti cheese, hubby is also a bit funny about chocolate ( I KNOW!?) He likes chocolate as is, but not chocolate flavoured things. Fine. I made him a girly pink strawberry one whilst I had a chocolaty beauty. We were slightly concerned about how one actually approaches/eats the thing but figured if it’s being done around the world, it can’t be that difficult!

I lined both our glasses with  strawberry/chocolate sauce and filled with vanilla ice cream milkshake, topped with a scoop of ice cream, a sugar ring doughnut and squirty cream. Mine had crispy choc sprinkles, a curly world and a chocolate french fancy. His had coloured sprinkles, strawberry fizzy pencils and a strawberry french fancy.

I took my photos and proudly presented hubby with his dessert. I went back to the kitchen to get mine and heard hubby yelling.

‘Oh God. Fuck. Quick darling QUICK! Bring a towel!’

He had taken the shake and proceeded to immediately throw it all over himself. And the chair. A cushion. The carpet. His tablet. Apparently the french fancy slipped off and he panicked. I got a very graphic account of how it had ‘given my dick brainfreeze’, ‘had gone right up my ass crack’ and how there was so much on his chair that it felt as though ‘my asshole was slurping it up’.

I should have been mad that he flung my creation around the room but watching him mince up the stairs to the shower was too funny. Once I’d cleaned sticky ice cream and strawberry sauce off of EVERYTHING I decanted the rescued dessert into a bowl and we gave it another go. By this point mine had started to slide, but they tasted good anyway.


The aftermath

So, how do you tackle a freakshake? You don’t. It gets you.


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