Take another little Pizza my heart

I love pizza. Pepperoni, in my opinion is the only way to go. My love affair with it started with the pies from Tio Pepe’s in Bermuda when I was a little girl, and I’ve remained faithful to it ever since. I have never visited the island without going to Tio’s at least once.


Tio Pepe in Bermuda. Hearing of it’s closure was like losing a childhood friend.


Now you may already know that the hubster hates cheese. Clearly his other qualities more than make up for it, but it does mean I don’t get pizza often. If we order in I don’t like ordering from two separate places as they don’t arrive at the same time and I’d rather eat together. So I decided to make my own little pizza cups, plus a cheese free version for him.


Authentic Danish Pepperoni?! Sadly I had no Oregano. Yes I put Garlic in everything get over it.

Obviously I wasn’t going to make my own dough, it was £1 in asda which was plenty for 12 pizza cups and a cheeky bit extra.

I put the chopped tomatoes in the blender with the herbs/spices, tomato paste and all the pepperoni save for 12 slices (OK fine, 14, I ate two) and blitzed it up.  I then used a glass to cut out circles of dough and stretched them out a bit, then put them into an oiled muffin tray.


Note the precision and uniformity of my dough circles…

The baby chose this point to start having a mini meltdown. I don’t know much about pizza dough but I figured it probably wouldn’t do well being left to sweat on the side so I put the baby in his highchair and threw bits of toast at him to buy me some time.

I spooned the sauce in, with some grated cheddar on mine, then topped all of them off with a slice of pepperoni. I finished mine off with some mozzarella and made little dough hearts for the top of hubby’s because I’m adorable.


So cute


They took about 25 minutes to cook at 200°, so whilst that was going on I thought I’d better do some sort of vegetation so we don’t get scurvy or whatever. If you can buy a cucumber and use it before it turns to sludge you are a rare and talented breed. Determined not to let it happen this time, I grated it up in the food processor along with a peeled carrot. I removed the seeds of the cuc so the salad wasn’t too ‘wet’ but I should have squeezed or strained them a bit too. I made the same dip as I used in my spicy wedges post and used it as a dressing.



Et voila! I used a food ring to present the salad. As I was doing it I felt the strangest combination of self satisfaction and self hatred. I know, things are getting a little out of hand now. What am I becoming?

Success! I got my pizza fix and even hubby had seconds!

The remaining bit of dough I put in a shallow cake pan with butter, brown sugar and cinnamon and baked. No biggie. I could have eaten the lot but I forced Hubby to follow my blog to bolster up the numbers, so he’d have caught me out.


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