Fake it don’t make it

Much of our meals are governed by whatever treasures can be found in the reduced section, otherwise known as the yellow sticker fridge, the whoops fridge, or (my personal favourite)  the shit section. That last one was coined by my husband/suspected kitchen elf.

He came home with this tray of ready made battered chicken with a lemon sauce. Let’s be real, I can hardly do a post about how I heated up a ready meal and expect to get anywhere so I hatched a cunning plan. A fakeaway! I had a little rummage in the cupboards and surfaced with this lot:


Yes, I put garlic in EVERYTHING. No vampires here!

There was also a cheeky courgette that needed using up. I’m a child and am really fussy with vegetables so whilst the chicken was ‘cooking’ I grated it, put it in a pan with hot oil, garlic and onion granules and pepper and cooked the shit out of it. Once it was basically mush I added peas because I like them but also so it wasn’t just a plate of yellow. Oh, and soy sauce. I’d cooked the noodles then run them in cold water because that’s what pro’s like me do.

A little curly twirly with the tongs, sliced chicken, and a schmancy drizzle of the lemon sauce and we’re good to go! And honestly it was good without that gross feeling of grease-pooled regret after a real takeaway.



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