Soft bananas and LIES


As of today I have a dedicated Lazy Mrs B Facebook page, which in addition to my WordPress, Twitter, Tumblr and Google+ accounts  means I can irritate as many of you lovely people as possible! To celebrate here’s a second post. In the same day!? I know, I know. Stop me before I hurt myself.

I’m trying to eat just fruit/low cal soups during the day so I can sit and eat cheesy pasta and cake in the evenings but some days that just doesn’t cut it. If you’ve seen my upside down plum cake post you will already know about my hatred of squishy fruit. There was one banana that was looking a bit suspect so I peeled and chopped the offending fruit and put it in the freezer to think about what it had done. Blended with a bit of skimmed milk it makes a perfectly acceptable and reasonably healthy treat.

Of course, I’m a pig so that wasn’t enough. I saw something called ‘Prutella’ advertised online that claims to be a healthier, higher protein version of Nutella. Fine. Apparently you can’t even tell the difference. Great! I ordered two pots because they were on offer. I opened one, greedily dug a finger in and tasted it…. I felt so betrayed. It’s grainy, sticky, and leaves a weird taste in the back of your throat. A far cry from the spread of the heavens that is Nutella. So now I’m stuck with these tubs of cocoa poop.


Sweet little lies

So I blended it. Or tried to. Jeez it doesn’t even blend properly! In fairness the bit that did blend in tasted quite nice but there was this glob of it that attached itself to the bottom of the blender that just wouldn’t budge.


What lurks at the bottom of your blender?


The end result tasted good, and made me feel as though I’d had a treat but without the guilt. But why should you believe me, only fools believe what they read on the Internet 😋


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