One pot wonder

I promise tomorrow I’ll tell you what I did with those funny courgette boobies, but today let’s do dinner again. One pot wonders are my favourite! You can just fling ingredients into the pot with wild abandon, cackle and stir and…. wait, shit. Now everyone knows my secret.

I had these things:


I dumped in the contents of the kidney bean can , water and all. Since the packet mix needs water anyway I thought why the hell not. Pork mince in, four squeezes of tomato paste in, sprinkle of chilli, tomatoes  (quickly microwaved so I could get the skins off easily and them I smooshed them) then I had to add water because apparently instructions are there for a reason. I also chucked in a bit of dried basil and the end of a jar of red pesto.

I don’t know about you but I do not posess the patience required to wait for a jacket potato to do it’s thing in the oven. So I microwaved two for 10 mins, put a little oil and salt on top and put in the oven at 180 ° whilst I fed the baby and put him to bed. A drizzle of bbq sauce and mayo plus some cheese for me. It worked out pretty well and there’s enough left over for dinner tonight. I didn’t take a photo of hubby’s because it didn’t have cheese on and was therefore inferior.




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