Crazy Combos-proceed with caution!

I meant to post this Sunday to cure your hangovers! (or kill you off with it) but I was out all day supporting my mum who was taking part in a fundraiser for a really important charity WaterAid.

Hubby ‘popped to a little festival for a few hours’ on Friday evening and returned about 12 hours later feeling somewhat worse for wear! He needed a bacon sandwich which got me thinking about a drunk food I ate once many moons ago. I’ve never had in since but still swear it was amazing! And so was born a sandwich experiment that made me question my own sanity, humanity and tastebuds!

The combos were centred around my four main foodgroups; Mayonnaise, Cheese, Peanut butter and Chocolate (mainly in the form of Nutella)

*disclaimer* I spread this experiment over two days. I made only quarter sandwiches of each flavour and even ended up doing open sandwiches because I couldn’t handle all of the bread! I took at least two bites of each flavour even if it was disgusting because this was a very serious experiment and I am a professional. Mummy didn’t raise no quitter.

Let’s start with the sandwich that inspired this whole thing:

Cheese and raspberry jam. It must be an orange cheese like Red Leicester and it must be toasted. Don’task me why, it’s just the rules.


Look at the sheen on that jammy melty cheese

HELL. YES. This holds up to the 12 years of hype I’ve given it. Salty and sweet, warm and melty and the fact I made the sandwich and then toasted it in the bacon pan can only have been a good thing!

Things went downhill somewhat when I moved onto the mayo. I remember being left unsupervised with the fridge when I was younger and are mayo and mallow/mayo and white chocolate sandwiches. Confident in the memory I retained of a deliciously indulgent snack, I took a giant bite of each… Oh how wrong I was. It is so bad. God it was gross. And the mallow one was so SQUEAKY. Really terrible. Don’t ever do it.

I had seen on another post about strange combos that suggested banana mayo. ‘I like both those things’ I thought, ‘I’ll give it a go’. Pure filth. You dirty bastards. I put that in my MOUTH. It was the worst. Two bites I took, Two. Ugh.

2016-07-08 16.15.10

A pile of evil in pastel colours

The one saving grace was mayo and Nutella. Don’t ask me how or why but this one is a bit of a winner!

Bolstered by the success of the Nutella I decided to hang onto a good thing and hit that category next. This really does deserve all of the fuss. Wonder spread. Bringing up the rear was Nutella with salt and vinegar crisps. It was OK. Not incredible, not offensive, OK. Nutella with cheddar cheese? In my notes (yes, I made notes, because science. Professional remember) I pencilled in ‘acceptable’. But BACON. Well, bacon. I used streaky and crisped it up a bit. The notes say OMG YES. *fades away and dreams of choco hazelnut bacon*


Get to it people


Last but not least we have peanut butter. My love, my lifeblood. Reese’s is my spirit animal but in the interest of those poor orangutans I have natural peanut butter as it has no palm oil (I know it’s in tons of things but you’ve got to start somewhere)

P.B. With cheddar was interesting. I very confidently took a huge bite as I love both so much. It tastes OK but I was chomping and gurning like Mr. Ed because it dries your mouth out. A bit like eating one of those silica sachets with a chaser of pva glue. P.B with jam is an all time favourite, I always go for raspberry. I added salt and vinegar crisps because I could. I liked it. I couldn’t really taste them but they added good crunch! ¬†Encouraged by the bacon Nutella combo I switched out the wonder spread for peanut butter. To be honest I was a bit disappointed. It brought out the salt in the peanut butter. I think it would have been better with a drizzle of maple or honey but by this stage I was rolling around the kitchen like the pillsbury doughboy and looking distinctly green around the gills. I’ll pass the torch onto some other brave soldier.


My holy trilogy? Or my fall from grace?

Do with this what you will. I’m sorry/you’re welcome, delete as appropriate. Please don’t leave me because I’m disgusting.


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