Plum upside down cake

Squishy fruit is gross. What others may think is beautifully ripe and juicy I would describe as slimy and disgusting. I like grapes to be hard as bullets and would rather have my face turn inside out eating a tart pink raspberry than one that looks like a bruise so soft it can hardly keep it’s shape. Yuck!


Look at how pretty I did the plums

I had some plums that were overripe and half the cake mixture from yesterday’s chocomallow granola cake, so I thought I’d have a crack at an upside down cake! I don’t love cooked fruit either but very soft fruit melts away almost to a sauce so it’s ok 🙂

It would be super with a bit of cinnamon/nutmeg added but I didn’t want it to be too Christmassy. It’s July damnit! 

See the previous post for the basic cake recipe. I lined a cake tin and sprinkled some brown sugar into the bottom. Then I sliced up those icky squishy plums and laid them on top, followed by another sprinkle of brown sugar. Some recipes say to make a separate sugar glaze to put in the bottom, but if the fruit is juicy enough the sugar dissolves right in and does the job quite nicely thankyou without fannying about getting another pan ickysticky.


Bloody professional over here


Cake mix on top, in the oven 180° for about 1/2 hour and we’re away! I let it cool a bit before turning it out onto a plate and gave it a little dusting of icing sugar because I’m fancy now. I have a follower that’s not a friend or relative (hi to you, you know who you are 😘) so I’m practically famous.

Serve with custard. OF COURSE IT’S OUT OF A PACKET!


Lovely powdery packet custard mmmmm


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