ChocoMallow Granola Cake

Our friends are in a band and are playing at a music festival tomorrow, so hubby as chief groupie is out for the evening. That means I’m home on baby duty, so the band wags are coming over for a few drinks. I made them a cake because I love them but also because they’re all skinny bitches so if I get them fatter I don’t have to lose so much weight! 🙂

The basic cake recipe I used is the BEST. I found it online (can’t remember where, thanks if it’s yours!) And you can dump all the ingredients in without any faffing and there’s very little washing up!


Less washing, more eating!

The recipe was enough for two cakes, the second of which I’ll post about later.

Flour 225g

Baking powder 2 tsp

Eggs 4

Butter 225g (softened )

Caster sugar 225g

Vanilla extract 6 drops

Milk 2 tsp

Blitz butter and sugar, then add the other ingredients. You can alternate wet & dry, but I just chucked in all the wet, blended a bit, followed by the dry and mixed ’til smooth!


For the topping I used granola with chocolate bits ( I had the Special K version, but I think a full fat version would be better!) Mini marshmallows and giant white chocolate buttons.

I baked at 180° for about 30 mins. I don’t know exactly,  the baby distracted me with gross things, so I just poked it to check it was done.

Despite my best efforts it’s not actually TOO sweet, and the granola stayed nice and crunchy.


Mmmmmmm crispy marshmallowy bits





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