Saddle up! Cowboy casserole

Eating cake is the best, but occasionally I have to adult and feed my husband actual food! Mum’s been making her version for years, one with ‘real sausages for the real people’ and one with veggie sausages for the plant killers. In all fairness, it does disguise veggie ones pretty well and you ALMOST can’t tell.



The great thing about this is, you can switch out most of the ingredients for other things if you want  (different meat, veggies etc) and you just dump it all into a slow cooker and walk away!  *lazymrsb tip* make sure the damn thing is switched on at the wall. I learnt that the hard way! 😦

This time I used:


Can kidney beans, drained

Can black eye beans, drained

Can baked beans

Carton chopped tomatoes with chilli

1 beef stock cube, dissolved in hot water if you make it up as per directions it will be more soupy. Use 1/2 the amount of water for a thicker sauce. Too runny? Make a paste from cornflour and a bit of water and mix in.

1/2 tsp each of onion powder, garlic granules, dried parsley and bbq flavouring

1/4 tsp each of salt and pepper 

I am a mega wuss when it comes to spice, and this was just at the level where it was warming but wasn’t making me angry. I get mad at food that burns my mouth, it’s so rude.

I put it on low and walked away! We’d had loads of cherry bakewell birthday cake so just had a bowl of it for dinner but it’s good over baked potato, rice (microwaveable pouch naturally, of course I’m useless at cooking rice) or a chunk of bread.

When there’s left overs I just dump in a few more ingredients and put it on again. Always better the next day!


Hubby said it was delicious but the sausages looked like turds floating in the sauce, so I fancied it up with grated cheese, a pinch of paprika and a sprinkle of dried parsley.





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