Stop ‘n go juices


Put them in a fancy glass, add an umbrella and try to pretend you’re having fun

‘If all she eats is mug cakes and Mac ‘n cheese, how does she keep her figure?’ I hear you cry!

Answer : she doesn’t. Since being home with the baby, kitchen only steps away, I have gained SO much weight! I am useless at sticking to even the most eater – friendly diet plan. So I thought I’d try alternate days having juice/soup to see if that makes any difference. My skin is awful, my hair is shot and my nails are paper thin. So a bit of something natural can’t hurt can it?

I am a bit of a salad dodger, I don’t care what anyone says, if you put kale in your juice or smoothie it will taste like pond. So, I’ve gone for a green melon and cucumber  and a red tomato and watermelon.  I chopped and prepped last night because I’m a lazy ass and knew I wouldn’t do it in the morning.  If you have a juicer it would make beautiful clear juices but I just blended mine as they’re all so watery and go really smooth. Also, fibre and all that.

Green: flesh of 1/2 a Gallia Melon with 1/2 a large cucumber,peeled and de-seeded

Red: flesh of 1/4 watermelon with 1 tomato, de-seeded (the melon only had weeny seeds so I left them in)

Bung it in the blender and whack it on high. Then blend it again because there’s always one bastard lump that manages to dodge the blades and gets stuck in your straw. If you have a juicer it sorts out all the peel, seeds etc for you but it takes longer to clean than the cucumber took to grow.

I’lI see how I go on juice today, if I can cope ALL day (doubtful ) I will, if not I’ve got some cans of skinny soup in the cupboard. Cake tomorrow! 🙂 



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